Well, since he shares the same body type as Wasp, I guess he could look a bit like him, hiding his mouth.

But while I was drawing that, I decided that I’d prefer Bee to not change anything about his looks. He has such an expressive and dynamic face that, in my opinion, allows him to communicate his feelings and opinions without any words. So, if he did lose his voice, I’d hope for him to express himself with his face and gestures.

Yes, this is just an excuse for me to draw Bee making silly faces.

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Mark Waid, chrissamnee, thejaviercaster

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Aww yeah, Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens is on tv now

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This is all most unpleasant. I know you can hear me. I hope you’ll listen. You won’t get out of this complex alive. What I want you to try to understand is that you mustn’t. Your deaths will avert countless others. You’ve seen horrible things: an army of nightmare creatures. And they are real. But they are nothing compared to what lies beneath us. There is a greater good, and for that you must be sacrificed. Forgive us… and let us end it quickly.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

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i am precisely qualified. dreamers are people who travel at night. that is my specialist subject.

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Mephisto print by P. Craig Russell, published by First Team Press, Inc., 1987.

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Your name is Bob Reynolds. You can't be a hero.
That's just wishful thinking...
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i will follow you forever~~!

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